Metal Buildings

Professional Metal Building Construction in Houston, TX

Metal building construction requires a specific set of skills and experience. At Derk Harmsen Construction Co., Inc., we can accommodate most designs and operational needs. Our construction company can handle any project and builds on the success of hundreds of building projects completed across the area.


Full-Service Design and Construction of Steel Buildings and More

Fully insured and bonded, our company consists of some of the most qualified general contractors in the industry. Designing and erecting pre-engineered structures can be completed in a relatively short time, although this time varies from one project to another. There are many stages involved, from choosing an architect or construction team to incorporating all design elements. To simplify matters, we provide a single point of contact during the entire design and build process.


Pre-fabrication of metal buildings requires many factors to be considered. Specifications for the metal frame only scratch the surface. Building size, wall partitions, roof style, and placement of doors and windows must be determined and included in the construction plans early on. From the type of loads a structure can tolerate to the exterior façade, insulation, and paint color used, we don’t leave out any details.


We prefabricate all components at our manufacturing facility, following the requirements of the approved plan. Extremely detailed, this plan helps reduce the complexity and cost of prefabricating metal structures.


Why Metal Building Pre-Fabrication

Pre-engineered steel buildings take much less time to build; often they can take half the time to complete, compared to wood-frame structures. The timeframe depends on the building’s size, design elements, and function. For example, office buildings take longer to construct than storage facilities. Whatever the building’s purpose, we ensure the construction process remains the least difficult part of your project.


There are many decisions to make. Fortunately, we can help consider every detail and decision before construction begins. Our goal is to ensure you see the advantages of metal buildings, including their durability, ease of maintenance, efficiency, and longevity.


A Construction Company You Can Trust

Clients throughout the Houston area depend on Derk Harmsen Construction Co., Inc. to erect metal buildings efficiently. All structures meet exact client specifications and applicable building codes. Our contractors are licensed, background checked, and familiar with construction challenges and regulations in your local area. To address financial feasibility, cost-effective materials, procedures, and labor are used, while all our work is fully warrantable to ensure client satisfaction. For a consultation and free estimate, give us a call today at 281-479-3400 or submit your message online for a prompt reply.