Quality Grading and Basework from Houston’s Leading Construction Company

Communities throughout the Houston, TX area have depended on Derk Harmsen Construction for asphalt paving and concrete repair for more than three decades. Our professional construction team is also knowledgeable and experienced in grading and basework. We can effectively lay a solid foundation before the asphalt mixture is poured, so it meets all applicable specifications and regulations.


Why Is Basework So Important?

Grading is a critical step before any surface material is added. Our basework professionals are trained in using the proper tools, steps, and techniques to ensure any paving surface is level, flat, and smooth when it is complete. Roads, driveways, and parking lots require proper gradation, whether they are relatively flat or on an incline. If a surface isn’t properly graded, it can lead to problems with:


•    Safety: Vehicles are more prone to losing control on uneven surfaces.
•    Steepness: Too steep a surface can cause problems with braking, affecting traffic flow.
•    Drainage: Without proper grading from the curb to the road center, rainwater can’t drain properly.


How Basework Is Performed

Basework involves a range of tasks. Our construction company manages the process from start to finish, from removing dirt to shaping the land surface, to raising or lowering a driveway or roadway. We use the latest state-of-the-art equipment to lay the base for any type of roadway or heavily trafficked surface. Roadways and parking lots around any property can be leveled to ensure your facility is accessible and safe.


Our paving contractors conduct complete site assessments to ensure every job is approached with precision, while a complete inspection is performed after grading to ensure our basework meets and exceeds expectations. Whether we perform grading for a street, parking area, or business or industrial property in Houston or the surrounding communities, our construction expertise, skilled contractors, and safe practices ensure our clients benefit from our services.


Houston’s Top Construction Company for Basework

We work with the most experienced, dependable construction contractors in the industry. For assistance with needs assessments, planning, and site preparation and basework by our asphalt and construction experts, contact Derk Harmen Construction, Inc. by submitting your message online or calling 281-479-3400.