Pavement Striping in Deer Park, Texas

Pavement Striping in Deer Park, Texas

Pavement stripe clarity doesn’t last forever. Luckily, Derk Harmsen Construction specializes in pavement and asphalt striping so your property can achieve maximum visibility. Striping is a three-part process that consists of paving, seal coating, and applying finishing touches that create an impressive final product.


While you can enlist several different services for pavement and asphalt striping, some companies rent equipment and subcontract projects, leading to less than desirable results. Instead of renting equipment and subcontracting projects, we employ a striping team with the skills, resources, and experience necessary to make your property vision come to life.


Here’s a list of property types that commonly require pavement and asphalt striping:


•    Construction zones
•    Parking lots
•    Playgrounds
•    Parking garages
•    Pedestrian areas
•    Busy intersections
•    One-way streets/drives


The final striping products that we provide emphasize clarity, property organization, and aesthetics that generate a positive impression. Property organization is vital as directions and designations that are poorly marked through absent or deteriorating striping can increase property owners’ liability.


The Perks of Our Professional Striping


Asphalt paving project

Most people don’t have the tools and knowledge to perform quality pavement and asphalt striping themselves. One mistake can ruin the overall presentation of your property’s pavement or asphalt. Don’t let this get you down! Derk Harmsen Construction works with precision to exceed your expectations and meet your company’s specific needs. What you’ll receive when working with us is consistency in quality.


If you find yourself planning to update or open a new parking lot on your property, you might find yourself struggling with where to start. Derk Harmsen Construction can offer insight that assists and expedites your parking lot planning process. Once you implement quality striping, it won’t be hard to spot the benefits. Proper traffic flow within a property is essential. You can achieve optimal traffic flow by investing in quality parking lot striping that protects drivers and pedestrians.


Clean stripes don’t just help with directions and parking; they also encourage visitors to revisit your property. Poor stripe design is only going to leave your visitors with a negative impression.


Handicapped Spot Painting for Deer Park Texas


Derk Harmsen Construction’s striping services are far from one dimensional. The Americans with Disabilities Act establishes you need to make your property accessible to persons with disabilities. Making your property accessible to a disabled person includes painting handicapped signs on asphalt or pavement. Hiring DH Construction for handicapped spot painting will help you go above and beyond in meeting the legal requirements.


You don’t have to be an expert parking lot painter to create a compliant property. Instead, hire Derk Harmsen Construction for your handicapped spot painting needs. We strive to paint handicapped spots that offer top-tier visibility, so your property is accommodative toward people with disabilities.


Contact Us for Professional Asphalt and Concrete Services


Level up your property by hiring Derk Harmsen Construction for your asphalt and concrete service needs. Our well-trained staff has all that it takes to provide striping that boosts your property’s overall aesthetic and organization. Whether you’re organizing a new property or updating your property’s current striping, Derk Harmsen Construction is your ideal choice. Skip the internet search for services like “parking lot striping near me” and contact us today for asphalt and concrete service assistance at (281) 479-3400.